Ed Husain – More than just a fake-Ed


Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaah

Ed Husain is not only a fakehead in the literal sense, he is as an open munafiq. He has shown his allegiance to the kuffar against the Muslims  in abundance.

Ed Husain was originally from a HT background. However he became a sell-out by co-founding the ‘Quilliam Foundation‘ with fellow fakehead Maajid Nazwaz (more on this munafiq will be out soon, Insha’Allaah).

Ever since then, this shaytaan has been active in trying to propogate kufr to the Muslims and has aided the kuffar in persecuting the ones who advocate Shari’ah.

He has also been an advocate for the baatil marriage contract that was released over two years ago which include horrific terms such as ‘kuffaar witnesses’.

However if he can sell his deen for pennies from the government, then there’s no limit to this filthy pheasant.

Additionally on the subject of selling his deen, this khabeeth has openly expressed his desire to celebrate Christmas and labelled ‘extremists’ for ones who don’t.

He says; “I am a Muslim – and proud of Christmas. Why are Brits increasingly ashamed of it?”

Later on in his article he says….

“Millions of Muslims and others feel welcome here because of our similar beliefs in Jesus, God, and the afterlife. Even if people do not share those religious beliefs, they can still be part of the Christmas spirit.

Christmas is about remembering God, family and our fellow citizens. This is something for us to celebrate, not hide away”

Not to add…

“Next year, my daughter turns three. I will buy a Christmas tree so she grows up knowing she’s a Muslim, a Brit, and Christmas is her culture too.”


Innaa illayhi wa innaa illayhi wa raaji’oon! Not only is he prepared to enjoin shirk, he is going to try and instill kufr into his daughter aswell!

May Allaah guide his daughter to the straight path in the future and grow up to refute her father. Ameen!


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