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From amongst the people of knowledge that Abu Ja’far claims to love and uphold is Abdullaah Azzam. Abu Ja’far states on his website ”Shaikh `Abdullah `Azzaam RH was an Azhar graduate, Shaafi`ii in Fiqh, Hanbali in creed, a major force in the Afghan campaign against the Russians in the 1970s and was martyred in the […]

Bismillaah Wasalaatu Wasalaam ‘ala RasulAllaah Some know him as Abu Ja’far al-Hanbali, some know as Ibn Umar others know him as ‘Shaikh’ Hasan. We simply know him as ‘The Fakehead’. Infact in my opinion, he is the definition of the term ‘Fakehead’ and if one was to ask us to define this term, we would […]