The new found deception of ‘American Islam’


Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaah 

As we get closer and closer to the Day of Reckoning, we are seeing difficult times for the Muslims. These are times where Allaah is testing us and making it manifest who the true Muslims are from the fakeheads.

At this moment in time, a new wave of ‘American Islam’ is coming out which is just another variant of modernism in Islam.

However to truly know American Islam, you have to know what modernism in Islam is. Here are some quick points about Modernism in Islam. To find out more,click here.

-The basic concept of modernism is that the religion should change according to the circumstances, and that it is not fixed.

The people of this modernist movement judge Islam according to their ‘aql. Some of their faults in regards to it are:

1) use it for things which it can’t comprehend;

2) refer everything to it: accept what agrees with it, reject what does not;

3) judge the revelation by it. However, Ahl As-Sunna Wal Jamaa’ believes that using the sound ‘aql should lead one to the conclusion that the Qur’an and the Prophet are true and that their teachings should take precedence over pure ‘aql.

Modernist are saying that the West and the world has changed, and that Islam must become “civilized”. Modernism has spread the most in the U.S. because:

1) there are no scholars available to refute them, or they won’t refute them because people don’t want to criticize them;

2) much of the literature, scholars, and institutions in the U.S. reflect the modernist thinking.

3) it allows Muslims from overseas to become part of American society and they do not have to be recognized as Muslim. Also, new American Muslims will not have to change their old lifestyle -This is where the term ‘American Islam’ originates.

Certain Organisations overseas have adopted that trend and are slowly culturing the muslim masses to their way of thinking. .

Their speakers use their status to their advantage to attain the masses and are well known for initiating strange views and having odd traits,  including;

-To encourage the ‘necessity’ to vote in order to help establish the ‘lesser of the two evils’

-To feel sorry for the oppressors and make du’a for them

The belief to protect dawah in exchange of Tawhid

-The Institute and it instructors and the dawah in the west has become more important than walaa’ and baraa’.

-and many other traits including the ones mentioned above…

This wave of American Islam has started to slowly creep into the Muslims in the UK, especially the youth. The main reasons why it is so dangerous, is due to the youth not knowing any better and being led astray by these ‘mainstream’ islamic organisations.

Don’t be one of the ones decieved by them.

And with Allaah is the source of all guidance.

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