‘My name is Khan-and I’m a Fakehead’


Many adore them as icons, Many see them as idols, many see them as ‘Muslim Superstars’. We simply know them to be Fakeheads who do not represent Islaam or Muslims.

Bollywood is known to push the likes of Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan etc in order to pull in Muslim audiences.

The true reality behind these ‘superstars’ is that stardom, fame and wealth has become more dear to them then the deen of Allaah SubHanu wa ta ‘ala.

Recently, a talk show in India did a program on the “Muslim Identity”, on which they invited a panel of famous Muslims to express their opinion. On the panel were some famous Muslim actors and film personalities, including the famous actor Shah rukh khan (star of many famous bollywood films incl the latest “hit”  ‘My name is Khan’); Dr. Zakir Naik was also invited to this panel.

(Click on the video twice to see the rest of the clips)

Usually Muslim film personalities are known to express strange opinions on Islam, and their voice reaches the general film going folk. This time however, with the involvement of Dr. Zakir naik, this event was widely promoted and publicized in Islamic circles, and the statements of Kufr and heresy uttered were heard by many practicing Muslims, who normally would not be subjected to this talk.

As expected the film personalities got all the talk time, Dr. Zakir wasn’t allowed to clarify much, and the actors said many things that contradict the very foundations of Islam.

The people who promoted this event, and amongst them are heads of organization that claim to specialize in comparative religion and calling non-Muslims to Islam, did not find it necessary to respond to the false ideas people were exposed to as a result of this program.

Their reviews were mostly that the media is biased against Muslims and it was a conspiracy that Dr. Zakir Naik was given very little time. Extremely deficient reviews!!!

What was displayed on that show seemed like  a complete mockery of Islaam, with the likes of shah rukh khan saying it is ok for a woman to dress in a miniskirt!

The main purpose of this article is because many bollywood actors/actresses still have an influence today on the Muslims, especially the youth.

Let your role models be the ones that have done something for the Ummah and Islaam…and not for filthy entertainment.

And with Allaah is the source of Success.


2 Responses to “‘My name is Khan-and I’m a Fakehead’”

  1. 1 Abu Taskeen

    MashaAllah keep up the good work brothers, exposing the people of bida’a and warning against them is a must…these guys are more fake than those Nigerian scams.

    • looooooooooooool

      Hilarious! Thats it..that has to be our next one……www.fakerthananigerianscam.wordpress.com !!!

      Jazakallahu khayran Abu Taskeen

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