A picture tells a thousand words…..


Bismillaah Wasalaatu Wasalaam ‘ala RasulAllaah

Allaah states in the Qur’an:

{And do not let your hatred of others swerve you away from doing justice. But be just! That is closer to taqwaa (piety).} [Surah al-Ma’idah 5:8].

And Allaah said: {And fight in the way of Allaah those who fight you, but do not transgress the limits.} [Surah al-Baqarah 2:190].

Below is a screenshot of an email that was sent to Faisal Ibn SaifAllaah. A member of the Fakehead Report team:

[Hint: Enlarge your screen to see image clearer.]

As you can see one of the stooges of AICP have resorted to blackmail. The Habashis threaten to take “serious measures” and upload a picture of a member of the fakehead team in which according to their deviant desires shows him praying in a similar way to Christians.

This picture was attached to the delightful email above (!) with the skills they so possess, they edited a screen shot from a video that they filmed during a meeting with Dr Fayyad Farooq of Halifax.  They deceivingly print screened a moment of the meeting to suit their agenda. There were witnesses from both sides including some new Muslims and neither of the side accepted the view of the other and another meeting was to be arranged (more on this soon InshaAllaah).

Ironically they could have easily answered the article by accepting the challenge for an open discussion and we would have arranged a neutral venue in which both sides would have a fair chance to present their proofs. Ajeeb!

However, they chose to send an email threatening and blackmailing a member and this is the reaction of these people who claim to be upon the truth? Those who are upon the truth do not act in such childish ways and resort to blackmail especially when they claim that they’re upon Ahlus Sunnah!!

The Ahlus Sunnah are the ones who are upon the balanced approach and they do not transgress bounds set by Shariah as Shaikh al-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah stated “When dealing with the people of sin, one must not exceed the limits prescribed by the Sharee’ah – neither in hating, censuring, preventing, abandoning or chastising them.[1]. He also said with regards to Ahlus Sunnah“And Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaa’ah follow the Book and the Sunnah, obey Allaah and His Messenger, they follow the truth and are merciful to the creation.

Some of the points that were mentioned in the fakehead article regarding Abdullah al-Harrari are the same points that have been made even by the Ashari authorities like Gibril F Haddad. For example, he was asked regarding the Habashis:

Is it permissible to take knowledge from the group named the Ahbash, (AICP, Ahbash, Habashis, …)? They state that they follow the Ashari Aqeedah, and the Madhhab of Imam Ash-Shafi’i (RA). That is if pray in the proper direction of the Qibla for us?


No, it is not permissible to take knowledge from this pseudo-Sunni group. The Ulema of Syria consider their founder `Abd Allah al-Harari a deviant who misguides others (dall mudill). Among those deviancies, he has authored a book in which he attacks some of the Sahaba, Allah be well-pleased with all of them, and he and his group have made takfir and tadlil of many of the Ulema and Awliya of the past and present.

Gibril Haddad

Faraz Rabbani writes: I agree completely. They are a group that spreads fitna and division wherever they are. [2]

And also the Naqshbandi Sufis have warned people about the habashis.[3]

And so have the Lajnah Da’imah of Saudi Arabia. So we have the Asharis from the camp of Gibril Haddad, The Sufis from the Naqshbandis camp and the Saudi Salafi Scholars all refuting this group, yet they want to blow things out of proportion from an article from the Fakehead report?! We thought they would have bigger fish to fry!

In the article titled “Muslims beware of Abdullah Habashi” it states: “people were pressured to become followers of the “Habashi” group by blackmail, phone threats, and by placing bombs near their homes and their cars, until this day.[4]

The Habashis, however, claim that these are all lies, however, the email above has manifested that claim. They also claim that they do not declare people Kuffaar yet some of the members of the Habashi sect have declared some of the newest of Muslims to be Kuffaar. This point was also made by Naqshbandis in the above article.

We have since emailed the Habashi follower advising him that this is not the Adaab of a Muslim and that these issues can be dealt with without resorting to such methods. Alhamdulilaah Allaah is a witness over all things.

This is not the first time the FakeHead report team have been attacked and it certainly won’t be the last.
Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Abdal-Wahhaab stated in ‘Usul al-Thalatha‘ “We must know 4 basic matter: 1, Knowledge of Allaah, His Prophet and the religion 2, Application of this Knowledge 3, calling people to this knowledge 4, Being patient with any harm that you face while calling people to this knowledge

So as you can see, this group is deviant (which can be clearly seen) in both Creed and their actions.

So now we ask them, will they step up to the challenge or continue like schoolkids??

Only time will tell.

With Allaah lies success and may the Peace blessings of Allaah The Most High be upon our final Prophet Muhammad Sallallaahu alaihi Wasallam, his Family, his companions and those who follow them in righteousness.



[1] (Majmu al-Fatawaa (14/381)
[2] (http://qa.sunnipath.com/issue_view.asp?HD=7&ID=12879&CATE=1)
[3] http://naqshbandi.org/topics/refute/aicp/default.htm
[4] (http://www.sunnah.org/fiqh/muslims_beware.htm)

6 Responses to “A picture tells a thousand words…..”

  1. I have to say, have you taken a look at the Articles you have cited? The absurd claims they make upon habashis?

    True Naqshabandi Sufis exist, but that is not them, these are fakes and deviants who wrote this article. If we go to the 3rd article you cited (this also contains the 4th article), it takes us to a page with subcategory articles. Once we click the article called “Warning against deviation of Habashis”, it takes us to a page.

    In this page, it purports Habashis believe:

    “1. Anyone is considered an unbeliever unless they take initiation with their shaykh. Everyone else is considered kaafir.

    2. They marry only within their group. They trade, buying and selling only among themselves.

    3. They gave a fatwa that a man can sleep with any woman that is not a member of their group, because she will be considered jaariya, as they consider themselves at war with those who do not follow them. They are even permitted to use force for this purpose, thereby condoning rape.

    4. They destroyed families by demanding that wives leave husbands and husbands leave wives, based on their claim that if one spouse took initiation with the so-called “Habashi,” he or she must leave the other, unless the other spouse also take initiation. By this means, they have broken up thousands of families, in Lebanon, Europe, in America where they have some small groups.

    5. They have given a fatwa to the effect that wives forcibly separated from their husbands, remarry, though they are still considered married by sharia; moreover they force them to remarry one of the members of their group.

    6. They gave a fatwa that as long as the woman is covering her head, she can go swimming in a one-piece bathing suit or bikini, even in front of strange men. Their special beaches are infamous in Lebanon.

    7. They say that women can go in front of any man wearing all types of cosmetics, fragrances, eyelashes, rouge and makeup, and wearing tight trousers and alluring clothes, as long as she is covering her head.

    8. They permitted mufakhadha, which means a man may sleep and commit any sexual act with other than his wife, as long as no penetration occurs.”

    Now, in your right mind, do you really think this article is credible with these lies? If so, you’re a fool, and if you open Shaykh Abdullah’s Mukhtasr, you would find that these are all LIES. BLATANT LIES.

    • 2 Ibn Saif-Allaah

      Asalaam Alaikum Warahmatullaah.

      In response to your question we answer yes we have taken a look at the articles otherwise we would not have put them up. You state that those who wrote this are fake and deviant (Agreed). However our purpose of citing the Naqshabandis was only to show the readers that the Habashis have caused fitnah amongst other groups aswell. The same was stated by Gibril F Haddad and the link is available above. If you want to call him a deviant then go for it but I dont think it will go down with the other “Fake” Sufis.

      If you notice in the above article that we mentioned one of the accusations the Sufis made against the Habashis, which is that they blackmail. And the email clearly proves that the stooges of AICP have done exactly that. Only a fool wouldnt understand that simple point. The stooges of AICP in Nottingham and Halifax have declared the newest of Muslims to be Kuffaar and this takfir has been made over FaceBook, Face to Face and other forms of communication. When members of AICP can do such chidish acts then I wont be surprised regarding the other claims.

      You said these are blatant lies however we request you to read the article and you will see how some of the claims are TRUE!!

      it is Ajeeb that you commented yet completely ignored the email shot and have not once spoken against it, so maybe this is something that you agree with?? Would you mind enlightening us with your opinion of the email from an AICP member?

  2. No Ibn Saif-Allaah. They’re habashis. They can’t make mistakes, they’re ma’soom. Isn’t that right, Harari? *rolls eyes*

  3. asalamu alaikom,

    Is there a way of making the email screenshot clearer? I managed to read it but it is very blurry.

    SubhanAllah, look at these tactics they resort to… unbelievable, So childish! But I note that Blackmail is one of the trademarks of the ahbash.

  4. 5 Umm Foulaan

    Indeed I know several ex-ahbash sisters that received threats via email-which appears to be their chosen method of blackmail-from Ahbash members n’audhu Bilaah. It seems they need to get some new material as they have been at this pretty much since the internet began. And Haraji while some of what appears in the above article may appear far-fetched I have seen real life examples in the UK of point 1 and 4 in particular. No they don’t regard those who haven’t taken bayaah with their Shaykh to be kaafirs but they DO consider those who haven’t learned the ‘obligatory knowledge’ with full explanation, or who have learned it and don’t 100% accept it, or those who disagree that anyone whom the Ahbash have made takfir on is a kaafir-all these people are kaafirs according to them. They are some of the biggest takfiris of our times. They do try to break up families in particular they always go after the sisters telling them how their marriage is no longer valid. Brothers, not so much as they will tell the ahbash where to go. Point 7 is also 100% correct. They say as long as the colour of the skin is covered then anything goes clothing wise yet they obsess about covering the underside of the chin. They do consider it fine for women to wear both make-up and perfume in public. They also say its makruh to wear an overgarment like a jilbaab or even an abaya as it is making oneself out to be pious and better than others and thus is a display of pride.

  5. Asalaamu alaikum

    @ Oz Dawah – Apologies for the fuzziness of the screenshot. We tried to make it clear on the screen page. If you wish, we could attach a pdf copy and send it to you if you would like or post a copy of the transcript on this page.

    @ Umm Foulan – Jazakillaah Khair for your informative posts regarding this brainwashed (and brain dead) cult. They really are helpful. These people really do need to be warned against. There are a few more things i have been thinking about that i think people should need to know about this cult and if time permits then i will let you all know inshallah. Additionally if you think you may have some info that we are unaware of then please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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